Friday, August 29, 2014

News from Bern, (5), Thursday

Today, a warm summer day, we went to an excursion.
We went to the lobby for breakfast all at the same time, the personnel of the hotel was running to serve us but the space was not enough, a long queue was created and we were anxious to catch our bus, leaving 08:15.
With Suisse accuracy we managed to be seated in the bus at 08:14. The driver came half an hour later and we happily started our day-trip.

I stop grumbling. It was an extraordinary experience!

(Me and my wife, in Giger museum. Photo by Diyan Kostadinov)
We went first to the highland village Gruyeres, at the foot of the Alpes. Putting aside the great view, which can be found in many places of the Switzerland, in this village there is the H. R. Giger museum. A three-stories building with fifteen or more rooms (I lost count) full of paintings, sculptures, furniture, books, posters, with abundant fantasy of the (Oscar winner) creator of the monster Alien (and more, and more...).
Furthermore, a cherry on the cake, a Giger Bar opposite the museum, where chairs, floor, ceiling, lamps are designed by Giger.
In the village a concert started with Alpine music Horns. Unbelievable sound.

Next we visited the chocolate factory Caillers.
Christopher Colombus brought to Spain the seeds of cocoa-tree, after he killed the Aztecs to avoid royalties, the Royalty in Spain liked the new drink but the Church was against at first, and only after the pope had tasted it, he blessed it, and the chocolate drink started to reach the not so rich people. After the French Revolution, a dude named Caillers decided to make a factory for chocolate in the peaceful Suisse. His company held ownership for a few centuries, the grandson Caillers moved the factory to Gruyeres vicinity to have easy access to milk and water sources, but after the WW2 a partener named Nestle, initially a pharmacist helper, with admirable dexterity took hold of the factory and everything else.
The presentation was like a fairy tale ... only Willy Wonka was missing. The taste of roasted cocoa seeds and of ready products was totally satisfactory.

Is it possible to visit Gruyeres and not taste their famous cheese? We went to the factory of Suisse Gruyere Cheese, bought chunks ripen for 6, 8, 10, 12 months, and we returned to Bern.

The roads were impeccable, well designed, the tunnels wide and well lit, the speeds quite high, and all these days no-one used a honk. Quiet and clean air.
The Suisse people use high technology (for example every door in a building or in a vehicle opens automatically when you touch it) but they have not abandoned the previous way of life, with cows, horses, corn fields and all the things that characterize a farmer. But they have also many industries and manufacturing plants. (Did I mention banks?)

In a while, for the chess affairs that interest us, the President of the World Federation for Chess Composition wil be elected.
In the last four years, the Greek Mr Harry Fougiaxis was President. I wish him an easy re-election!

HOLD THE PRESSES : Harry Fougiaxis will be President of the WFCC for 4 years more!

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