Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Small Studies, by Panagiotis Konidaris

There is a good work about studies, by Panagiotis Konidaris, published in Greek. Mr Konidaris is a writer and chess-player from the island Meganissi, near Lefkada, Greece.
The studies are compositions (that is they are not necessarily endings of actual OTB games, but they are created by a composer), aiming to show some hidden features of game endings.
Here the composer and solver Konidaris has selected some memorable studies for presentation, explaining the solutions in a pleasant way. I will not translate the text, but I believe that you can see the studies and their solutions.

First part, here : http://kallitexniko-skaki.blogspot.gr/2016/11/1-6.html

Second part, here : http://kallitexniko-skaki.blogspot.gr/2016/11/2-6.html

Third part, here : http://kallitexniko-skaki.blogspot.gr/2016/11/3-6.html

Fourth part, here : http://kallitexniko-skaki.blogspot.gr/2016/11/4-6.html

Fifth part, here : http://kallitexniko-skaki.blogspot.gr/2016/12/5-6.html

Sixth part, here : http://kallitexniko-skaki.blogspot.gr/2016/12/6-6.html

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