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Multiple pawn promotions

In the (first prize awarded) Miniature of Abdurahmanovic we see the theme multiple promotions during the four phases of the trial game, and also the theme X-flights after the key.

Theme Multiple pawn Promotions (German: allumwandlung, AUW) : The solution contains pawn promotions to all kind of pieces. We have quadruple promotion, to queen, rook, bishop, knight.

Theme X-flights : The king can escape moving diagonally (northeast, northwest, southwest, southeast).

(Problem 15)
Fadil Abdurahmanovic,
First Prize "Yugoslav Republic Tourney", 1957
White plays and mates in 2 moves
#2 (6+1)

Let us try to promote the pawn:
First Phase : Try {1.c8=Q? (not good, because black is in stalemate!)}
Second Phase : Try {1.c8=R? Ke6!}
Third Phase : Try {1.c8=B? Kc6!}
Fourth Phase : Try {1.c8=S? Kc4!}
Last Phase : Key 1.Se4!
Suddenly the knight is sacrificed. The black king has now one more flight, a total of four flights arranged in the shape of the letter X. But black is in "zugzwang", that is, whatever he plays leads to a lost position.
1...Ke6 2.Qf7#
1...Kc6 2.Qd6#
1...Kc4 2.Qf7#
1...Kxe4 2.Qf3#

In the problem-16, by Millour and Kerhuel, we see the X-flights and the multiple promotion of a pawn in the variations of the actual play.

(Problem 16)
R. J. Millour & M. Kerhuel,
First Prize, "Europe Echecs", 1966
White plays and mates in 3 moves
#3 (9+7)

Key: 1.e7!
If black moves the knight of the eighth row,
1...S8~ 2.Qe6+ and 3.Qe4#
If black moves the knight of the seventh row,
1...S7~ 2.exd8=Q+ and 3.Qe3#
There are also the X-flights of the king,
1...Kf4 2.exd8=S [3.Qe3#] Se5 3.Se6#
1...Kf6 2.exd8=Q+ Kg7 3.Qxg5#
1...Kd6 2.exd8=R Kc7 3.Rxd7#
1...Kxd4 2.exd8=B [3.Re4#] Se5 3.Bb6#

1. Could black use multiple promotions as defending mechanism? Yes!
2. For the defensive promotions Q R B S of the black, could white make respectively promotions Q R B S to continue his attack? Yes!
We will see that later, when we will describe the Babson task.

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