Sunday, March 23, 2008


I greet the friends of chess!

The objectives that I try to achieve with the creation of the blog "chess-problems-gr" are (as I think about it now) the following:

  • To create web pages relative with chess problems. I understand of course that there exist a lot of sites that publish problems, and also sites that publish entire books of problems. Here I will try with a systematic way to present terminology, types and themes of problems, and events in the area of chess solving and composing,
  • To present (mainly Greek) composers of chess problems. Who was the Grand Master Byron Zappas? Who was the golden olympic champion Stavros Iatridis? I will try to gather some of their compositions in this blog, so to become accessible for everyone.
  • To present (Greek) solvers. Who knows that Kostas Prentos, Greek champion in chess solving contests, has kept his title for seven consecutive years?
  • To present events, mainly solving contests, with an analytical, explanatory manner if I can, in order to offer initial guidance to anyone that wants to learn how to solve chess problems.

Surely, I cannot cover most of the happenings, but at least I have started this "chess-problems-gr" blog, believing that someone had to begin gathering this material.

For things I am not aware of, your help is welcomed. That will be useful for all of us.

This blog borrows content from my greek-language blog If my English is not very precise, or even not correct sometimes, please forgive me. English is a foreign language for me. Thank you.

"I am not sure what to do next. But I would think of something." (As in the ending of the short science-fiction story "2001, A Space Odyssey" of the late Arthur C. Clarke).

Manolas Emmanuel
aka Alkinoos

from Athens, Greece

[This Post in Greek language]

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