Monday, September 22, 2008

Theme Dombrovskis (2), Task

We have already given the definition of the theme Dombrovskis : After the key at least two defenses, which had stopped succesfully some threats after try-moves, are answered with exactly the same threats of the tries.
The moves of the White (written here with Capital letters) and the moves of the Black (written here with small letters) are transposed from one phase to another :
Phase after a try : 1.X? [2.A#] a!,
Phase after a try : 1.Y? [2.B#] b!,
Phase after the key : 1.Z! [2.W#]
1...a 2.A#
1...b 2.B#

This post is written in memoriam of the great Greek problemist Dimitris Kapralos, who has created many excellent compositions.

We will see here a task with four Dombrovskis variations.

(Problem 234)
Dimitris Kapralos,
Third Prize, 148 Thematic Tourney, Probleemblad, 1985
Mate in 2.
#2 ( 10 + 8 )

Tries : {1.Se6+? Kxc6!}, {1.Qe6? [2.Qxd5#] Bc6!}, {1.Bc3? (zz) Bb5!}, {1.Rb6? / Qc8? / Qh8? / Qh5? / Bb4+? Kd4!}, {1.Bb6+? Kb5!}, {1.d4+? Kxd4!}, {1.Qf1? / Qh7? / Qg4? / Qh4? e4!},
{1.Qd7? [2.Se6# (A)] Kd4! (a)},
{1.Rb4? [2.Bb6# (B)] Bb5! (b)},
{1.Sf5? [2.Bb4# (C)] d4! (c)},
{1.Qxf3? [2.Qxd5# (D)] e4! (d)}.
In relation to the theme, we examine the last four tries and then we compare them with four of the variations in the solution below.

Key : 1.Qf5! ( zz ).
1...Kd4 (a) 2.Se6# (A)
1...Bb5 (b) 2.Bb6# (B)
1...d4 (c) 2.Bb4# (C)
1...e4 (d) 2.Qxd5# (D)
non-thematic variation : 1...Bxc6 2.Se6#.

(This post in Greek language).

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