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Panagis Sklavounos

Panagis Sklavounos, born 1962, holds a Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence from Cranfield Univercity, is a Civil Engineer and a Surveyor Engineer from National Technical Univercity of Athens (NTUA) and has a title in Informatics from the Greek Center of Productivity (ELKEPA). He works in the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP SA).

He is president of the Sports Group “Zenon” in Glyfada Attica. He is a member of the Chess Composition Committee of the Greek Chess Federation (ESO). He has organised many chess tournaments and chess problem solving contests. He is a very strong solver.

For an extended period of time (1995-2000) he was editor of the chess column in the magazine of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) and also editor of the chess problem column in the daily newspaper “TA NEA”.

Published problems by Panagis Sklavounos

(Problem 382)
Panagis Sklavounos,
Newspaper “Eleftherotypia”, 08/10/1977
Mate in 2.
#2 (5 + 5)

This is the first published problem of (the 15 years old then) Panagis Sklavounos.

Tries : [1.Qe2+? / Qd3+? / Qc4+? / Qxd7? / Qb7+? Ke5!], [1.Qe5+? Kxe5!], [1.Qd5+? Kxd5!], [1.Rf4+? Kxf4!], [1.Qxf5+? gxf5!], [1.Qc5? f4!].

Key : 1.g3! ( > 2.Rf4# )
1...Kxf3 / d5 2.Qe2#
1...g5 2.Qxf5#
1...e5 2.Qd3#

(Problem 383)
Panagis Sklavounos,
First Prize, Newspaper [Chess News 79], 1980
Mate in 3.
#3 (9 + 3)

Tries : [1.Sd8? / Rd7? / Bh4? f3!], [1.Rxf4+? Kxf4!], [1.Rd6? Cxd6!].

Key : 1.Bc2! (zz)
1...f3 2.Rf4+ Kxf4 / Ke6 / Kg6 3.Rd4# / Re3# / Rd5#
1...Kf6 / Ke6 2.Rd7 ~ 3.Rg6#
1...Kxg4 2.Rh3 f3 / Kxh3 3.Rh4# / Bf5#

(Problem 384)
Panagis Sklavounos,
British Chess Magazine, 1978
Mate in 3.
#3 (4 + 3)

Tries : [1.Qg4+? / Qg5+? / Rf3+? / Rg4+? Kh2!].

Key : 1.Rh4! ( > 2.Qf4# / Rh3# )
1...g1=Q / g1=B 2.Rh3+ Kg2 3.Qf3#
1...g1=S 2.Qf4+ Kg2 3.Rh2#
1...g1=R 2.Qf4+ / Rh3+ Kg2 3.Rh2#
1...Kxh4 2.Qf4+ Kh5 / Kh3 3.Be8# / Bd7#

Note by Alkinoos :
Mr Sklavounos has contributed to the posts of this blog with interesting topics. I happen to know that he is a polyglot (he speaks Greek, English, French, German, Italian) and he has received two literature awards (one in a science fiction novel contest of the Greek General Secretariat for the New Generation, in 1987).

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