Monday, September 28, 2009

C20100712 : Composition Contest Emmanuel Manolas-60 JT

After the chess problems and the solving contests, which were presented in this blog, we are in the happy position to announce an International Chess Composition Contest, organized by the Greek Chess Composition Committee, with the opportunity of the sixtieth birthday of this blogger Manolas Emmanuel. Here is the announcement :

International Chess Composition Contest :
"Jubilee Tourney Manolas - 60", Closing date 2010-07-12.

The Greek committee for Chess Composition announces the "Jubilee Tourney Manolas – 60".
Theme free. Accepted are original three-mover chess problems in the following four sections:

A. direct mate #3, with at least three variations. Judge Emmanuel Manolas.

B. helpmate h#3, with exactly three solutions, no zero-positions, no twins. Judge Harry Fougiaxis.

C. selfmate s#3, with at least three variations. Judge Ioannis Garoufalidis.

D. fairy #3, with accepted elements : {one fairy condition} or {one fairy condition and one fairy piece type} or {one or two fairy piece types}. Judge Kostas Prentos.

Computer-checked problems may be submitted by each composer to more than one section. For each problem, the following information is expected : Name & e-mail & country of the composer, diagram & FEN notation & stipulation & solution of the problem.

Send e-mails, with subject "JT-Manolas-60", to manolas.emmanuel(AT) .
Closing day : 12-July-2010.

The participants will receive a copy of the award by e-mail.
The award will be published in blogs "", "".

Notes :
In e-mail replace (AT) with the character @.
The FEN (Forsyth-Edwards) Notation is described here and here.

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