Saturday, March 27, 2010

Panagiotis Konidaris

Mr Panagiotis Konidaris has many talents. He is a solver and composer of chess problems, he is writer of successful novels, he is dear pharmacist in Meganissi island (near Lefkada island) where he is active in the local municipality. His journalistic texts are very graceful, having or not chess related background, as well as his numerous comments in various chosen blogs.
You may see some of his interesting texts (in Greek) in his blog, which has as a subtitle [Life is a game of chess. The secret is not to learn how to win, but to learn how to handle the defeat].

We have seen a published and decorated problem by Panagiotis Konidaris (together with Kostas Prentos, see Problem 270).
In today's post we will see some original problems by Panagiotis Konidaris. It is an honour for this blog and we thank him for this first publication.

(Problem 436)
Panagiotis Konidaris,
α) Helpmate in 3. β) Twin Kg3-->Kc2. γ) Twin Kg3-->Kg6.
a) h#3 b) twin Kg3-->c2 c) twin Kg3-->g6 (4 + 11)

a) diagramme
1.Rg4 Rg1 2.Kh4 Rxg2 3.Sg3 Rh2#
b) bKg3-->c2
1.Rxc4 Rh4 2.Kc2-c1 Re4 3.Rc2 Re1#
c) bKg3-->g6
1.Kg6-h6 Ra1 2.g6 Ra8 3.Sg7 Rh8#

(Problem 437)
Panagiotis Konidaris,
#2 retro (10 + 5)

Key : 1.hxg6 e.p.! ( > 2.Rxh7# / g7# )
(The only last move of Black is g7-g5. That means White has the right to capture en passant).
1...hxg6+ 2.Sxg6#

(Problem 438)
Panagiotis Konidaris,
Mate in 3 moves.
#3 (7 + 4)

Tries [1.Kb8? / Rc5+? Kd7!]
Key : 1.Bxe6! ( > 2.Rc5# )
1...Kc7? 2.Rc5+ Kd8 3.Rc8# (or 2.Rd5 Kc6 3.Rc5# dual)
1...Kxb5 2.Kb7 Ka4 3.Bd7#

(Problem 439)
Panagiotis Konidaris,
Helpmate in 4 moves.
h#4 (2 + 7)

It is obvious that wB must give mate, but how?

1.g3 Kf3 2.g2 Ke4 3.g1=B Kd5 4.Ba7 Kxc4#

(Problem 440)
Panagiotis Konidaris,
White plays and wins.
+ (5 + 5)

In this study, the heavy pieces will settle their accounts and the remaining pawns will finish the game.

Key : 1.Bd4+ Kb7 2.Kd6+ Kb8 3.Bxa7+ Qxa7 4.Rxa7 Kxa7 5.Kc7 a5
6.a4 Ka6 7.Kc6 bxa4 8.b5+ Ka7 9.Kc7 a3 10.b6+ Ka6
11.b7 a2 12.b8=Q a1=Q 13.Qb6#
(also with 11...Kb5 12.b8=Q+ Black is surely lost).

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