Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Blog Statistics, 2nd year

The statistics come from the "Google Analytics" tool, and cover the period [Feb 07, 2009 - Feb 06, 2010], second year of operation of this blog.

In 4335 visits, 2893 unique visitors asked for 7884 pageviews, staying average time on site 1 minute 47 seconds, viewing 1.81 pages per visit.

19.52% of the visitors enter from Greece, 16.06% from United States, 5,24% from Germany, 4.96% from United Kingdom, then follow Poland, Australia, Brazil, France, Spain, Serbia, India, Israel, Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic - a total of 96 territories.

They live in 1085 cities and speak 55 languages.

34.67% are returning visitors, the rest are new visitors. 3.16% of them have returned over 200 times.

Some of the titles attract more attention : Composers of chess problems, Easy win in four moves, Greek Terminology for problemists, World Champioship in Rio de Janeiro, ECSC 2009 in Subotica, Sam Loyd, Helpmates, etc from 332 titles.

47.22% of the visitors use Internet Explorer / Windows, 37.39% use Firefox / Windows, and the rest use various operating systems and devices, even portable phones.

Some more elements are included here :
Biographical details are written for the composers Spyros Bikos, Dimitrios Goussopoulos, Dimitris Kapralos, Vassilis Lyris, Panagis Sklavounos.
A new column started with cooperations of composers (here and here).
An International Contest for Compositions has been announced [Jubilee Tourney Manolas-60].

Thank you all!
Manolas Emmanuel (a.k.a. alkinoos)

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