Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dedication for Manos Pantavos

The last composer of Rebetiko songs, mr Nikos Pergialis dedicates to his friend and collaborator Manos Pantavos, International Master, a quatrain.

Ama tha katsis na skeftis,(If you start thinking, ...)
oli tha doune pos mporis(everybody will see that you can ...)
na ftiaxis ke provlimata,(also create compositions, ...)
ola aristourgimata.(all of them masterpieces.)

(Problem 460)
Pantavos, Manos,
original, 2008,
Mate in 2 moves.
#2 (7 + 5)

Tries : [1.Rf5+? exf5!], [1.Se1? / Sa3? / Sb4? Rxd4+!], [1.Qb6? / Qb4? Be7!]

Key : 1.Qh1! ( > 2.Qe4# )
1...Rxd4+ 2.exd4#
1...Rg2 2.Sf3# ( 2.Sc6? )
1...Sd5 2.Sc6# ( 2.Sf3? )

The problem shows the Java theme, (you may see the relevant Problem-356 with a description of this theme).

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