Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dedication for Manolas-60

The well-known all over the chess-world and very productive composer Moutecidis Pavlos has sent a more-mover selfmate in 18 moves problem, with dedication for the 60 years of Manolas Emmanuel (aka Alkinoos). We thank him warmly.

The problem is a “Miniature” since has no-more than 7 pieces.
Also it is “Aristocratic” since it lacks Pawns.
The theme of the problem was set in the composition contest "Jubilee Tourney Moutecidis-75", 2005-2006 : [Selfmates in 8 to 20 moves. All the white and black pieces move in the course of the solution. White pieces only, can also be captured, instead of moving.]

(Problem 470)
Moutecidis, Pavlos,
Dedication : "Manolas-60"
Selfmate in 18 moves.
s#18 (5 + 2)

White plays and forces Black to mate in eighteen moves. In the problem appears the [Moutecidis-mate] (which will be given by the black Rook, as is evident from the diagram).

The solution has one variation, where the bK makes a long journey with forced moves.

The readers may attempt to solve the problem without seeing the solution, which is written at the end of this post.

Hint : The key is not checking. Castling is allowed.

Solution of the problem 470, by Moutecidis Pavlos:
Key : 1.Be4! zugzwang.
1...Kg1 2.0-0-0+ Kh2 3.Bf5 Kg2 4.Qf1+ Kh2 5.Qe2+ Rg2
6.Qe5+ Rg3 7.Se4 Kg2 8.Qb2+ Kf3 9.Rf1+ Ke3 10.Qf2+ Kd3
11.Rd1+ Kc4 12.Qc5+ Kb3 13.Be6+ Ka4 14.Bd7+ Kb3 15.Sd2+ Ka2
16.Qa5+ Ra3 17.Be6+ Ka1 18.Qc3+ Rxc3# (Moutecidis-mate)


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Nice brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Emmanuel Manolas said...

Your message is probably generated automatically with use of translating software. Thanks, anyway.