Monday, January 14, 2013

Allumwandlung and Transmuted Kings

An interesting theme in chess composition is "All the Promotions" or "Allumwandlung" (AUW, from the German). We have presented many AUW problems. A pawn is promoted in the OTB chess, in four ways (to Queen, to Rook, to Knight, to Bishop). In fairy chess, where more pieces can be used, the promotions may be more than four, as we saw in the brilliant Problem-241.

The Kings have no great mobility in the OTB chess. For this reason, various conditions are invented to make them more active. We saw the condition of Transmuted Kings when presenting the Problem-269. We repeat the definition here :
When the Transmuted Kings are threatened by a piece, they move and capture in a way similar with the movement of the threatening piece. (If the wK is threatened by a bR leaves his square moving like a wR).

In today's post we will see a composition having both themes. It is an evolution of an idea of an old collaborator. It is a helpmate in two moves, with four solutions.

Manolas Emmanuel
1s3B2/2P2P2/2p1k1q1/8/8/8/5K2/8 (4 + 4)
h#2, 4111, Transmuted Kings

1.Ke5 cxb8=Q+ 2.Ka5 Bb4# (The bK must go away moving as Bishop, but is not able to reach a safe square).
1.Kd7 Bd6 2.Kc8 cxb8=R# (The bK must go away moving as Rook, but he can not).
1.Kf5 c8=S 2.Qxf7 Sd6# (The bK must go away moving as Knight, but he can not. Going, let us say, to d4, he discovers the bQf7, which is threating the wK, which then can move as Queen and capture the piece on d4. This was the aforementioned idea).
1.Qg5 Bg7 2.Ke7 f8=B# (The bK must go away moving as Bishop, but he can not).

The four promotions have been achieved, so this is an allumwandlung.

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