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Comments and compositions from 'Zinon'


Flattering comments were heard about the "Artistic Chess" Festival organized by the Athletic Cub "Zenon" Glyfada in its resort, in the afternoon of Sunday 6 January 2013. During the interesting and lively celebration, young (the majority) but also adult chess players had a chance for a first acquaintance with chess compositions.
In the beginning, the champion of Attica Nikos Mendrinos spoke generally about the issue and explained the name "artistic". Then, he spoke specifically about orthodox two-movers and this was followed by a solving contest with 6 problems and 25' thinking time . The sequel was a presentation of Help-mate problems and a solving contest with 4 easy problems.
The event was attended by many chess players. These players participated in the proceedings, even though they did not took part in the solving contests. Among the adults were prominent composers and solvers : Harry Fougiaxis, Emmanuel Manolas and John Garoufalidis, who actively participated in the rating of those who competed and contributed to the success of competitions. We thank them warmly, as well as Mario Anastassiou and Dimitris Skyrianoglou, who contributed to the success of the Festival with their specific knowledge of similar events.

As mentioned above, the element of competition was not dominant, but will list here, in detail, the rating of two written exams (for statistical purposes and praise). After the name of each contestant, the total points scored (max 50) and, within parenthesis, the individual rating to the solution of Direct mate (max 30) and Helpmate problems (max 20), followed by total time for each solver (max 45 '):
 1) Boulamatsis Kon. 50 points.(30 + 20) 25 '
 2) Dracoulakos Grig. 47 p.(30 + 17) 27 '
 3) Gousgounis Nik. 47 p.(30 + 5) 33 '
 4) Mendrinos Gior. 40 p.(25 + 15) 45 '
 5) Giavassopoulos Thomas 35 p.(20 + 15) 26 '
 6) Bouzas Sot. 35 p.(20 + 15) 33 '
 7) Pagkalos Vlassis 33 p.(20 + 10) 29 '
 8) Zervos Kon. 30 p.(30 +) 9 '
 9) Kolettis Vas. 30 p.(15 + 15) 42 '
10 Τζανέτος) Gian. 30 p.(20 + 10) 44 '
and followed Pangalos Sp. 28 p., Apostolopoulou Anast. 26 p., Konstantellos Gian. 23 p., Chatzis Nik., Gerolymatou Mar, Zervos Laz., Despoudis Gian., Damilakos Il., Katsiri Anast., Assimomyti Ariadni, Kartsidimas Gian. with fewer points (some took part in one contest only).
The most impressive part of the events was kept for the closing of the evening : chess Solving Show. Pairs of players, from those who excelled in previous contests, with the help of a PC and a projector, competed to fast-solve some problems, in a TV-game style, and knock-out scoring. Here are the results :
Gregory Drakoulakos (Cup),
Sotiris Bouzas (silver medal),
Vasilis Kolettis (bronze medal) and Vlassis Pagkalos.
As additional prizes, copies (in traditional and electronic form) of the excellent book of Emmanuel Manolas for artistic chess, the most complete text published in Greek, were given to the participants.

In seasons where artistry is missing from our lives, we try to find it in chess events. The praise is pressing us to repeat the festival.

from Athletic Group 'Zinon' Glyfada, 9/Jan/2013

Alexandre Azhusin
Prapor Peremogi, 1970
K5k1/1Q6/8/8/4S3/8/8/8  (3 + 1)
#2, a) Diagram, b) bKg8 to a2, c) bKg8 to e1, d) bKg8 to h4

a) (Only this part was given to solvers)
1.Sg5!, 1...Kf8 2.Qf7#, 1...Rh8 2.Dh7#
1.Sd2!, 1...Ka1 2.Qb1#, 1...Ka3 2.Qb3#
1.Qb2!, 1...Kd1 2.Qd2#, 1...Kf1 2.Qf2#
1.Qg7!, 1...Kh3 2.Qg3#, 1...Kh5 2.Qg5#

Mikhail D. Ivanov
Rybak Primorya, 1982
8/8/8/8/pp6/8/R7/R1K1k3 (3 + 3)
1.Rh2! [2.Kb2# / Kc2#]

Vitaly Kovalenko
Karpati Igaz, 1968
1k6/1P6/4K3/8/1Q6/8/8/8 (3 + 1)
#2, a) Diagram, b) wRb4
1.Qb5! Ka7 / Kc7 2.b8=Q#
b) (Only this part was given to solvers)
1.Rb6! Ka7 / Kc7 2.b8=Q#

Gerhard Latzel
Die Schwalbe, 1930
8/8/8/8/K4S2/1p6/krsp4/bb6 (2 + 7)
1.Se2! [2.Sc3#]
1...d1=S 2.Sc1#

Stepan P. Tsyrulik
Komsomolsky Prapor, 1976
8/pp6/k7/8/1K6/2R5/3R4/8 (3 + 3)

Try : 1.Rc7? , 1...b6 2.Ra2#, 1...b5 2.Rd6#, 1...Kb6!

Key : 1.Rd7!, 1...b6 2.Ra3#, 1...b5 2.Rc6#, 1...Kb6 2.Rd6#

Ernst O. Martin
Neue Leipziger Zeitung, 1934
br6/4R3/8/8/4Q3/2p1K3/8/4k3 (3 + 4)
1.Rb7! [2.Qh1 / Qb1#] Re8 2.Rb1#

Nikos Mendrinos
8/1r6/8/8/8/K7/7R/k7 (2 + 2)
h#1, a) Diagram, b) bQb7
a) 1.Rb1 Ra2#
b) 1.Qh1 Rxh1#

Manolas Emmanuel
R3R3/8/8/2S5/2s5/2K2pS1/8/1rkr4 (5 + 5)
h#1, 5 solutions
1.Ra1 Rxa1#, 1.Rd1 Rxd1#, 1.Sb2 Sb3#, 1.Sd2 Sd3#, 1.f2 Se2#

Valentin F. Rudenko, Victor Chepizhny
1st Prize, Olympic Tourney, Leipzig, 1960
8/8/2P5/p7/k1p5/1pK5/1Q6/b2B4 (4 + 5)
Set play : 1...Kd4 2.c3 Qxb3#

Key : 1.Bxb2+! Kxc4 2.Ba3 Bxb3#

Reto List
feenschach, 1980

k6K/8/2P5/8/8/8/6p1/8 (2 + 2)
1.g1=R c7 2.Ra1 Kg8 3.Ra7 c8=Q#

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