Monday, September 05, 2016

Composer Cooperations (6)

It is very probable that there exist more compositions with recent cooperations, and if any Greek composers want to inform me, I will update this post. I select two of the cooperating teams for today.

Fadil Abdurahmanovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and Ioannis Kalkabouras (GRE) 17.11.2015, no.269
8/8/2b5/8/8/2Ppk2p/pp5P/3sK2R (4 + 7)
h#4, 2 solutions

1.Sf2 0-0 (Rf1??) 2.Kd2 Kxf2 3.Kc2 Ke1 4.Kb1 Kd2#

1.Kf3 Rf1+ (0-0??) 2.Kg2 Rf3 3.Kxh2 Kf1 4.Kh1 Rxh3#

In one variation the castling is a good move, in the other it is not effective. The "wrong" moves are noted with double question mark.

Emmanuel Manolas (GRE) and Ioannis Kalkavouras (GRE)
3rd Hon. Mention, Moskovski Concurs 2016 
8/3p4/k2r2PK/1r6/3ss3/p4bb1/2S1p3/6q1 (3 + 11)
h=10, Helpstalemate
Fairy condition : Circe

1.Ka7 Sxa3 2.Ka8 Sxb5 3.Kb8 Sxd4 4.Kc8 Sxf3 5.Kd8 Sxg1 6.Ke7 Sxe2 7.Kf8 Sxg3 8.Kg8 Sxe4 9.Kh8 Sxd6 10.Kg8 g7=

It is a help-stalemate. Initially the Black helps a lot for his pieces to be captured, and at the end the White helps a lot tryin to avoid winning! 

The comment of the judge : "Circe, with nine pieces captured without rebirth! The essence of the problem : marching towards a stalemate trap, the bK passes from the rebirth squares of the black pieces, allowing the wS to capture all these pieces which would inhibit the stalemate, without any of them being reborn".

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