Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A study by Reti

The studies are orthodox problems not constrained in their stipulation for a specific number of moves.
From all the creations in the realm of chess composition, the studies are most attractive for the over-the-board chess players.
The usual stipulations are : "White plays and wins" or "White plays and draws". Since they present some unexpected or hidden properties of the pieces, the players consider studies as very instructive.

Richard Reti has composed many beautiful studies. We show one of them as Problem-210, (we have seen it in the excellent blog of Roberto Stelling).
It seems there that White can capture the black Queen in a straightforward manner. We shall see that this is not possible the first time, nor in the second time, nor in the third time...

(Problem 210)
R. Reti,
Wiener Tagenblatt, 1925
White plays and wins
+ (3+3)

Do you agree that the plan is obvious [the Knight checks, then the white Queen captures the black Queen] ?

I propose to you to write down the solution you have found, and to compare it later with the solution that follows.

Solution of the Reti's study :

Key : 1.Sc3+ Ka1!
(first opportunity to capture the bQ : If now 2.Qxg2? Black is stalemated!)

2.Qa4+ Kb2
3.Qa2+ Kc1!
(second opportunity : If now 4.Qxg2? Black is stalemated!)

4.Qb1+ Kd2
5.Qb2+ Ke1!
(third opportunity : If now 6.Qxg2? Black is stalemated!)

6.Qc1+ Kf2
7.Sd1+ Kf3 (we will see with a reversal of moves what happens if bK goes to e2)
8.Qc3+ Ke2 (if 8...Kg4 9.Se3+, if 8...Ke4 9.Qd4+ Kf5 10.Se3+, if 8...Kf4 9.Qf6+ Ke4 / Kg4 10.Qc6+ / Se3+)
9.Qb2+ Kd3!
(fourth opportunity : If now 10.Qxg2? Black is stalemated!)

10.Qb3+ Ke2 (if 11...Ke4 12.Qb7+)
11.Qa2+ Kd3
(fifth opportunity : If now 12.Qxg2? Black is stalemated!)

12.Sb2+ Ke3 (if 12...Kc3 13.Sa4+, if 12...Ke4 13.Qa8+)
13.Sc4+ Kf3

and White wins by capturing at last this black Queen! White needed fourteen checks and self-restraining enough to win this position.

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