Sunday, March 08, 2009

A study by Gallischek

The study that we present today (which can also be found elsewhere) is a composition by Otto Gallischek. The German composer (03.Feb.1925 - 09.May.1967) is not with us anymore, but his artistic work still remains.

(Problem 321)
Otto Gallischek,
White plays and wins.
+ ( 10 + 3 )
[k7/1pP5/1P6/8/8/K4rSQ/1SRRBB2/8 ]

Notice that the white King is in check. The solution is very amusing.

Key : 1. Bd3! Rxd3+
2. Rc3 Rxc3+
3. Ka2 Ra3+
4. Kb1 Ra1+
5. Kc2 Rc1+
6. Kd3 Rc3+
7. Ke2 Re3+
8. Kf1 Re1+
9. Kg2 Rg1+
10. Kf3 Rxg3+ (the Knight has left the third row...)
11. Ke2 Re3+
12. Kd1 Re1+
13. Kc2 Rc1+
14. Kb3 Rc3+ (if 14...Rxc7 15. Rd8+ Rc8 16. Rxc8#)
15. Ka2 Ra3+ (exactly as in the third move, but...)
16. Qxa3#

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papadoble said...

Wonderful study!
This is I think a version, original has pawns instead of minor pieces:
Black plays, White wins