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Chess Solving Contest 15-03-2008, ESSKEDYM Ptolemaida

FIDE Master Spyros Ilandzis has sent to us the following correspondence.

The 9th Championship of Central-West Macedonia (translators's note: this is a part of Greece, not F.Y.R.O.M.) was held in city Ptolemaida, and lasted four days March 13-16. It was organized by the Union of Chess Clubs in Central-West Macedonia (Enossi Skakistikon Syllogon Kentro-Dytikis Macedonias, E.S.S.KE.DY.M.) together with the three chess clubs of the city, S.O.Ptolemaidas ”Ptolemaios", S.A.P. ”Skakistakos”, and ”Dourios Hippos”. (See more here in Greek).

In parallel with the OTB chess championship, there were organized various happenings, and among them the 2nd Chess Solving Contest ESSKEDYM-2008, with twenty participants! Before that, Spyros Ilantzis gave an introductory speech about Chess Compositions, presenting various themes, with an audience of more than thirty persons (many of them were children)!

In 2nd-SC-ESSKEDYM-2008 six problems were given, (five direct-mates and a study), and with 5 grades per problem we have maximum grades : 30. The time limit was set to one hour and thirty minutes. The first ten solvers were the following :

# points hh:mm Surname Name Chess Club
123.501:24Rompas Stergios Giannitsa
221.501:30Kourtis Hariton SO Ptolemaidas
315.501:25Kodounas George Skakistakos Ptolemaidas
415.001:12Spirliadis Ach. Thessaloniki
515.001:15Gouderis D. Giannitsa
6-715.001:30Triantaffylidis Ath. Veria
6-715.001:30Panidis K.Skakistakos Ptolemaidas
812.001:30Mitsis John LP Florinas
911.001:11Tsilouhas Vas.PSS Kifissia Serron
107.001:30Minas J.SO Ptolemaidas

The given problems were the following:

(Problem 140)
Frank Healy,
Family Herald, 1858
White plays and mates in 2 moves
#2 (5+1)

(Problem 141)
Fritz Giegold,
Hofer Anzeiger, 1916
White plays and mates in 2 moves
#2 (8+2)

(Problem 142)
Navon Em.,
Variantim, 2005
White plays and mates in 2 moves
#2 (7+5)

(Problem 143)
Frank Healy,
White plays and mates in 3 moves
#3 (5+6)

(Problem 144)
Sam Loyd,
"N. Y. Albion", 1858
White plays and mates in 3 moves
#3 (4+5)

(Problem 145)
G. Gorbunov,
Platov Centenary Ty, 1982
White plays and draws
= (4+3)

Solutions of the problems of this Solving Contest

Problem-140, Healy
Many tries: {1.Qe6+? Kf3!}, {1.Qf2? / Qf4+? Kd5!}, {1.Qf3+? / Qh5? / Ke8? / Kd7? / Ke6? / Kd8? / Kf8? / Kd6? / Ba1? / Bh8? / Bg7? / Bc3? / Ba3? Kxe3!}.
Key: 1.Be5!
1...Kxe3 2.Qf4#
1...Kxe5 2.Qe6#

Problem-141, Giegold
Tries: {1.Rf4+? / Ba4? / Bc2+? Kd5!}, {1.Bb3? e5!}.
Key: 1.Rf5! [2.Re5# / Bc2#]
1...Kxf5 2.Bc2#
1...e5 2.Rxe5#
1...exf5 2.Bf3#

Problem-142, Navon
Tries: {1.Rxe5+? Qxe5!}, {1.Rd6+? Kxd6!}, {1.Sb4+? Kd4!}, {1.Sd4? fxe6!}, {1.Se7+? Bxe7!}, {1.Qd3+? Qd4!}, {1.Qc4+? / Bc4+? Qxc4!}, {1.Bf3+? Qxf3!}.
Key: 1.Se4! [2.Qc4#]
1...Qc1 2.Rxe5#
1...Qxe4 2.Rd6#
1...Kxe6 2.Se7#
1...Kxe4 2.Qd3#
Nice key, sacrifying both Se4 and Re6, and giving another flight to the black King.
(Flight in the set play : d6.
Flights after the key : e4 and e6).

Problem-143, Healy
Tries: {1.Qe3? / Sc4? Sg6!}, {1.Se7+? Kd6!}, {1.Qd4+? Kxd4!}, {1.Qa6? / Qxc7? Kd4!}, {1.Qc5+? Kxc5!}, {1.Sb7? Bxb7!}, {1.b4? Se4!}.
Key: 1.Sc6! [2.Sb4# / S6e7#]
1...Kxc6 2.Qa6+ Kc5 / Kd5 3.Qc4# (model mate)
1...dxc6 2.Qa4 [3.Qc4#] c5 3.Qd7#
1...Bxc6 2.Se7+ Kd6 3.Qa3#

Problem-144, Loyd
Tries: {1.Se6? h6!}, {1.Sg6+? hxg6!}, {1.Qd3? / Qc2? / Qe4? g6!}
Key: 1.Qf1! [2.Qb1 [3.Qxh7#] g6 3.Qxa1#]
1...Bf6 2.Qf5 [3.Qxh7#] g6 3.Qxf6# (the Queen hunts down the Bishop)
1...Be5 2.Qf5 [3.Qxh7#] g6 3.Qxe5#
1...Bd4 2.Qd3 [3.Qxh7#] g6 3.Qxd4#
1...Bc3 2.Qd3 [3.Qxh7#] g6 3.Qxc3#
1...g3 2.Sg6+ hxg6 3.Qh3#

Problem-145, Gorbunov
Key: 1.Sh5! e3
(if 1...Kxe5 2.Sg3 =, or if 1...h1=Q 2.Bxe4+! Qxe4 (cannot be saved with 2...Kxe4 3.Sg3+ =) 3.Sf6+ =)
2.Sg3 e2
(if 2...h1=Q 3.Be4+ Qxe4 4.Sxe4 e2 (and if 4...Kxe5 5.Sc3 =, or if 4...Kxe4?? 5.e6 e2 6.e7 e1=Q 7.e8=Q+ and white wins!) 5.Sc3+ =)
3.Sxe2 h1=Q
4.Be4+!! Qxe4
(if 4...Kxe4 5.Sg3+ =)
5.Sc3+ =

Cooperation of B and S, ending in forking King and Queen.

(This post in Greek language).

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