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For heterodox problems we have said that other goals are valid and other conditions are applied, in comparison with orthodox (direct-mate) problems or with over the board play.

Here we describe the condition Maximummer, which affects the way pieces move (and usually specifies which piece exactly will move).

Condition Maximummer : The pieces make always the longest geometrically move from those available, (and in case there are two longest, the player decides which move he will make). When under check, the player must defend with the longest move which deals with this checking. Distances are measured from the center of the departure square to the center of the destination square.
Condition Black Maximummer : is a maximummer where only black has to apply the condition of the longest geometrically move.

(Problem 94)
Wilhelm Hagemann,
First Prize, ”Schach-Echo”, 1963
Selfmate in 3, Black Maximummer
s#3 black maximummer (6+5)

The Maximummer is used often in selfmates, where white forces black to give checkmate, because in maximummers white has better control of the black responses.
In problem-94, by Hagemann, we see the black Queen to move, during the four variations of the solution, in the shape of a big X, which is called big star of the Queen.

There are some tries : {1.g4? Qh1!}, {1.g3? Qh1!}, {1.Qg3+? Qg5!}, {1.Qb1? Qa8!}, and the solution is :

Key: 1.Qb4! (zz, zugzwang)
1...Qxa2+ 2.Kc3 (zz) Qg8 3.Qb3 Qxb3#
1...Qxg2 2.Kc1 (zz) Qa8 3.Qb2 Qh1#
1...Qg8 2.Kc1 (zz) Qxa2 3.Qb3 Sxb3#
1...Qa8 2.Qf8+ Qxf8 3.Kc1 Qa3#

For those who need exact specifications for the distances, we note the following :
One step of the Rook, like the move Ra1-a2, has [length 1].
One step of the Bishop, like the move Ba1-b2, has [length 1,414] (square root of 2).
One step of the Knight, like the move Sa1-b3, has [length 2,236] (square root of 5).
The move a1-f6 (five steps of the Bishop), has [length 7,07] while the move a1-a8 (seven steps of the Rook), with [length 7], is shorter.
The King's side castling 0-0 has [length 4], and the Queen's side castling 0-0-0 has [length 5].

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