Sunday, July 25, 2010

The composer of Rebetiko, Nikos Pergialis, composes

The last composer of Rebetiko songs, mr Nikos Pergialis composes with a few pieces impressive problems, accompanying them with rebetiko quatrains.

Mavra ftera, lefki (n) oura - Black wings, white tail
echi t' aeroplano - has the airplane.
Ap ti (n) oura o keravnos - From the tail the thunder
Htipai pros ta pano - Strikes upwards.

(Problem 461)
Nikos Pergialis,
original, 1999,
Mate in 4 moves.
#4 (4 + 4)

The solution tomorrow :
Key : 1.Qb2! ( > 2.Qxh8# / Qxb8# )
1...Sd7 2.Qxh8+ Sf8 3.Sd5 zz Kd8 4.Qxf8#
1...Sf7 2.Qxb8+ Sd8 3.Sf5 zz Kf8 4.Qxd8#

The problem has two variations with symmetrical echo-mates.

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