Monday, July 12, 2010

The deadline for JT-Manolas-60 has passed

The deadline, 12-July-2010, to send chess compositions for the International Chess Composition Competition Jubilee Tourney Manolas-60, has passed.

As you see in the following table, 42 composers have participated, and we thank them warmly.
The composers represent 21 countries.
98 problems have been sent, mostly direct-mates and help-mates, few self-mates or fairy.

Now the Judges will receive anonymized diagrams to prepare the ranking.
When the award will be ready, all the participants will receive an e-mail notice.

Countries (=21)Composers (=42)#3 (=38)h#3 (=37)s#3 (=8)fairy #3 (=15)Problems (=98)
ARG Argentina1.1..(=1)
BLR Belarus10.5...(=0.5)
CZE Czech Republic223..(=5)
DEU Germany3.121(=4)
ESP Spain11...(=1)
EST Estonia1111.(=3)
FIN Finland1.1..(=1)
FRA France12...(=2)
GRC Greece51916.3(=38)
HUN Hungary1.1..(=1)
ISR Israel54.52..(=6.5)
ITA Italy31112(=5)
LTU Lithuania1.2..(=2)
POL Poland2.3..(=3)
RUS Russia2611.(=8)
Skopje (MK)1.1..(=1)
SLO Slovakia2...5(=5)
SRB Serbia1...3(=3)
SWE Sweden1.1..(=1)
UKR Ukraine5113.(=5)
USA United States of America2.1.1(=2)

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