Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Results from Open Solving, Batumi 2013

The results were published in the page

The three first are
1) Comay, Ofer, ISR, 50/60
1) Zude, Arno, GER, 50/60
3) Vuckovic, Bojan, SRB, 49/60

7) Selivanov, Andrey, RUS, 39.5/60, the only one who solved the selfmate-in-6!

Greek participants:
23) Mendrinos, Nikos, GRE, 32/60
73) Konidaris, Panagiotis, GRE, 16/60


You can see the problems with solutions here :

1 comment:

Losso said...

Congratulations to Andrei and also to Boris who scored half the points.

As the composer I think that this one was solvable but most of the solvers prefer to spend the little time they have on other problems than the long selfmate.