Sunday, September 29, 2013

Awards from WCCC, Batumi

Here are some Awards from the composition Tourneys in WCCC, Batumi 2013.

The president of WFCC mr Harry Fougiaxis has compiled (22 Oct 2013) a bulletin file with all the proceedings in Batumi.

D.Gurgenidze 60 JT Announcementjt_gurgenidze-60_2013_congress-batumi.pdf
G.Mosiashvili 65 JT Announcement...
G.Nadareishvili MT Announcementmt_nadareishvili_eg_2013_congress-batumi.pdf
SPIŠSKÁ BOROVIČKA Announcementmany thanks to all participants! 
this year i have received 23 entries by 17 authors from 11 countries. 
as there will be some time needed to publish the whole award, and the authors are surely waiting on it, here i give just the list of awarded problems with position of kings. 
once the award is ready, i will post here the new link, too. 
2° Recommandé (h4/d4)
1° Recommandé (e2/e4)
5° Mention d'Honneur (f3/d5)
4° Mention d'Honneur (b2/f5)
3° Mention d'Honneur (f7/a5)
2° Mention d'Honneur (g8/d8)
1° Mention d'Honneur (/d1)
4° Prix (g6/a4)
3° Prix (d1/c4)
2° Prix (a4/e4)
1° Prix (h4/f6)
4th Bulgarian Wine Tourney 2013 Announcement4th-bulgarian-wine-tourney.html
1° Azemmour AnnouncementAward_1o_Azemmour.pdf
11th Romanian Tzuica Tourney AnnouncementTzuica-2013-Award.pdf
2013 13th Sake Announcement...
2th Azerbaijan Study tourney, Batumi 2013 Announcement...
Jenever Ty 2013 Announcement...
Sabra 16 AnnouncementSabra 16 Award revised
VODKA 2013 Announcement?VODKA TOURNEY-awards.pdf
Champagne 2013 Announcement?Notes of award

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