Sunday, December 06, 2009

Composers cooperating, (No.2)

Today we choose to remember Nikos Siotis, (this was his name-day). He was very good composer, specialized in helpmates, and cared for the new problemists. We have published a problem by Nikos Siotis in this blog (see here, in cooperation with Demetrius Kapralos).

In today's post we will see two of Siotis problems, one in cooperation with the Grand Maitre Byron Zappas and another in cooperation with Vassilios D. Lyris.

Not one of them is with us anymore, and we remember them with admiration for their work.

(Problem 390)
Nikos Siotis and Byron Zappas,
First Prize, The Problemist, 1994
Helpmate in 3 moves. Two solutions.
h#3 2.1.1... (10 + 12)

Line clearances with annihilations, followed by self-blockings and black interferences. Diagonal / Orthogonal transformation.

(Problem 391)
Basil Lyris and Nikos Siotis,
First Honourable Mention, Sredba na Solidarnosta, 1986-9,
Helpmate in 2 moves. Three solutions.
h#2 (5 + 16)

The black Queen unpins and then is pinned, so that white Queen can take action.

I will be waiting (for a few days) for you to send solutions.

(The problems are included in the edition "Selected Chess Compositions by Greek Composers", prepared for the 47_th World Congress of Chess Composition, Halkidiki, Greece, September 4-11, 2004. Editor : Harry Fougiaxis).

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