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We present two examples of Domination, from the 2545 which Kasparyan has included in his book.
The problem-118 is a study of the prolific composer Henri Rinck. The battle is R+B vs Q, and in a few moves the domination of the White on the chessboard ascertains his victory. The Queen tries in vain to avoid her fate.

(Problem 118)
Henri Rinck,
”Deutsche Schachzeitung“, 1903
White plays and wins
+ (5+5)

Key 1.Ra8! [2 Rxg8]. (If 1...Qxa8 then 2.Bf3+ and 3.Bxa8)
2.Rxa4 [3.Rxa2]. (If 2...Qxa4 then 3.Be8+ and 4.Bxa4)
3.Ra8 (The Rook insists!) Qh7
4.Bg6 Qxg6
5.Ra6+ K~
6.Rxg6 ± (white wins)

The problem-139 is a study by Kasparyan, from the chapter R+B+B vs Q. In order to avoid the immediate loss of his Queen, the black King is forced to be exposed to batteries, resulting in a series of double checks. At the end the Queen is lost.

(Problem 139)
G. Kasparyan,
First Prize, Tourney Marking 20th Anniversary of the USSR Young Communist League, 1938
White plays and wins
+ (5+6)

It is not good to play (1.Rd3++? Kxd3 2.Bf1+ Kc2 3.Bxa7 Kb2 4.Bc4 Be5) and black is saved.
Key: 1.Re4++! Kd5!
2.Rd4++ Kc5!
3.Rd5++ Kc6!
4.Rc5++ Kb6! (If 4...Kd6 5.Rc6+ Kd7 6.Bxh3+ Kxc6 7.Bxa7+)
5.Rc6++ Kb7!
6.Rb6++ Kc8
7.Bxh3+ Kd8
8.Rd6+ Bxd6
9.Bxa7 ± (white wins)

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