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Task (1), with Organ Pipes

Task is the composition that shows the maximum number of different variations having a specific characteristic.

Theme: Organ Pipes task. It is a composition with Organ Pipes having 8 thematic variations.

In the theme Organ Pipes, which contains the arrangement of pieces B-R-R-B, there are four Grimshaw intersections. Depending on which of the 2 pieces (R or B) reaches each of the 4 intersections, we should have 8 different thematic variations. This is a task still not achieved, as far as I know. (But someday someone will make it a reality).

In the following problems we see the first presentation of this theme by the amazing problemist Sam Loyd (with 4 thematic variations) and the record by Jan Hartong (with 6 thematic variations).

(Problem 61)
Sam Loyd,
”Boston Globe”, 1859
White plays and mates in 2 moves
#2 (6+10)

Tries: {1.Sc2+? dxc2!}, {1.Qe5+? Rxe5!}, {1.Qd5+? Rxd5!}, {1.Qb5? [2.Qc4#] axb5!}.
Key: 1.Qa5! (zugzwang)
1...Bd7 / Bd6 2.Qd5#
1...Rd7 / Re6 2.Sf5#
1...Be7 / Be6 2.Qe5#
1...Re7 / Rd6 2.Qb4#
Non thematic variations are those which do not relate with the theme:
1...Bc5 2.Qa1#
1...Bb7 2.Sf5# etc.

Please study in the next Problem-62 how has Hartong used some mechanisms (pins, line closures) to improve the appearance of this theme and to achieve 6 thematic variations.

(Problem 62)
Jan Hartong,
First Prize, ”Problem”, 1951
White plays and mates in 2 moves
#2 (10+11)

Tries: {1.Sbc5+? / Sdc5+? Bxc5+!}, {1.Bf5+? Bxf5!}, {1.Sf2+? Sxf2!}.
Key: 1.exf6! (zugzwang)
1...Bd7 / Bd6 2.Qd5#
1...Rd7 2.Bf5#
1...Rd6 2.Sbc5#
1...Be7 / Be6 2.Re5#
1...Re7 2.Sdc5#
1...Re6 2.Qh7#

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